COOPERATIVE ICHRAK invites you to discover its decorative items designed
by master craftsmen (maalams) in the purest tradition of Moroccan and oriental
COOPERATIVE ICHRAK designs its products through ancestral methods and
processes. Its master craftsmen come from backgrounds rooted in the production
of art.

COOPERATIVE ICHRAK was founded out of love for art, culture and
ancestral heritage. From its passion and expertise is born a wide range of
products: custom-made, unique piece, large series production. Several models
with various shapes, both classical and contemporary, are offered 

The prestige and quality of COOPERATIVE ICHRAK products are the
hallmark of its workshops. The combination of virtuosity and innovation has
enabled them to produce collections shaped in the spirit of traditional
craftsmanship, modern aesthetics and nobility.

1280 Ait Mesoud Herbil Route De Tamansourt Marrakech
TEL: +212642067810 English and French Team
TEL: 0670934727
TEL: 0664418784
TEL: 0634468876

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