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Ichrak Cuivre Cooperation

We are the best Copper craft Workshop in the country.

About Us.

 Ichrak Cuivre Cooperation invites you to discover its decorative items designed by master craftsmen (maalams) in Moroccan and oriental handicrafts’ purest tradition.

COOPERATIVE ICHRAK designs its products through traditional methods and processes. Its master craftsmen come from backgrounds rooted in the production of art.
COOPERATIVE ICHRAK was founded out of love for art, culture, and ancestral heritage. From its passion and expertise is born a wide range of products: custom-made, unique piece, large series production. Several models with various shapes, both classical and contemporary, are offered to you.

The prestige and quality of COOPERATIVE ICHRAK products are the hallmarks of its workshops. The combination of virtuosity and innovation has enabled them to produce collections shaped in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship, modern aesthetics, and nobility.


Fascinated by the effect of light and shadow, COOPERATIVE ICHRAK delicately evokes emotion and atmosphere creating intricate patterns by projecting shadows from hidden sources of invisible light. Difficult to classify, the various lighting pieces are generally for decorative and ambient use and bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, East and West.

o Pendant lighting
o Wall lighting
o Ceiling lighting
o Table lamps
• Decorative elements

All COOPERATIVE ICHRAK creations are considered works of art: from the smallest inlaid box to an enormous lighting installation. Additionally, COOPERATIVE ICHRAK also creates conventional art pieces that are hung on walls. These works are signed but not numbered and are considered decorative instead of the art pieces that are either one-off or part of a limited series.

o Calligraphy
o Backlit
o Wall art
o Mirrors

ABOVE ALL, COOPERATIVE ICHRAK workshops are a place of a human scale where the experience of creating and manufacturing melts with life. This is where each piece is hand-worked patiently to take shape as a single object, reflecting its founders’ spirit.
It is with exceptional attention to detail that the design of each product is studied and shaped. Measurements of the products to be manufactured are finely studied before designers submit their sketches. The selection of materials to be used is then a crucial step that determines the product’s identity.

COOPERATIVE ICHRAK hand-picked Artisans have been carefully selected to ensure that every aspect of his designs’ production can be implemented in house. Almost every piece produced requires the accumulated know-how of different master-craftsmen, from conception, design, and production to finishing, lighting, and installation. All of the COOPERATIVE ICHRAK artisans are also artists who take immense pride in their work excellence and are meticulously dedicated to the smallest of details.

Over 7+ Years Experience
In Moroccan Copper craft.

Ichrak Cuivre Cooperation won an award as the best Copper craft Workshop from Minister of Tourism, Crafts in 6th National Crafts Week Celebrates Moroccan Artisans

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